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Wednesday, January 6

Making Progress

Among the three little bodies playing with toys this morning, I was able to finish finding homes for all our new goodies while pulling out things I plan to pass along. Before we left the play room for morning snack, we even managed to get everything cleaned up. These pictures show the finished product . . . or at least finished-for-now product. I am known for rearranging often as the mood hits or as I am inspired to make things more efficient.

UNFORTUNATELY, all the toys (and bedding) I pulled out for sharing are hanging out in our "office" and need to be organized to be ready to pass along. There is also some more packaging (read- trash!) to deal with now that all toys have been put away.

There is also this drawer to deal with . . .

This drawer is the home to playing cards, card games, and misc. little toys like bouncy balls and such. Because there is extra space in the drawer and it's location is central in our house, it also is the place where I put random game and puzzle pieces that get left behind during clean up. Therefore, every couple of months I go through the drawer and return the collected items to their real homes. It is definitely time to do that as the drawer is close to not being able to shut.

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