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Monday, January 26

Made My Day

I have to admit that I have been a little edgy today. All four of the kids were up by 6:20 this morning! What is up with that?! Cole generally wakes up around 6:40 and crawls into bed with me for the last 10 minutes that I spend there. Then I shower and get ready. The big kids have a radio alarm that starts playing at 7, but don't usually wake up until I go in around 7:15 with my wake-up call. Rachel sometimes gets up with Cole, while I am getting ready, or waits until the big kids get up. Cole was interested in going back to sleep, but everyone else was up, and he didn't want to miss out. I was very interested in going back to sleep myself!
Everyone has shown their tiredness throughout the day, including me. To make matters more interesting, Robbie is a bit under the weather (cold-cough stuff) and school let out at half day today due to icy weather. No one was able to rest quietly this afternoon seemingly due to change in our routine. I am tired. I barely had time to eat lunch while Cole was screaming in his room while he was supposed to be napping. Fights have broken out randomly. Clinginess is at an all time high. Crying is rampant throughout the house.
While trying to get dinner started I sent the kids out of the main living area of our house to go play in the bedroom(s) together. Things sounded like they were going well, and then Robbie came out to announce they were going to do a music parade for me.

What a way to make me smile! Unfortunately after taking the video and starting this post, this have gone south again. Arguments have started again- over instruments this time. Instruments have been used to bonk each other over the head. Instruments have been thrown. I have someone hanging on my leg. Three children have cried. At least there were some smiles for a while. If we are lucky, we will all be stuck at home tomorrow because of continued icy weather . . . maybe people will sleep in!

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