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Thursday, January 22


Our older kids received some games for Christmas. I generally enjoy games, so it is always fun for me to see them get gifts like that (also books, coloring/craft items, play-doh - rather than toys which don't seem to get much play time around here). Anyway, they got a few classics that I remember playing at their age like Twister and Sorry. I learned, however, that one of the adults in our house is not a fan of the game Sorry. Sorry!

My favorite of the games they received is a new game called Pictureka! which is kind of a like an "I Spy" book set up like a game with various twists. (I say it is new but as far as I know it may have been around quite a while.) It is advertised for ages 6 and up. Our six year old loves it and is good at it. Our four year old is a bit slower with it, but enjoys the game and has gotten better at it with each time we play. The other grown up in our house and I both enjoy it as well. I would recommend it to others and will probably use it as a gift item for others as well.

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Hootie said...

Thanks for the review and suggestion! My sister has a little one who will be four this summer. I'll keep this game in mind for his B-day down the road.