Deep Thoughts

Rick Warren (via Twitter): No one can control your emotions without your permission. Who are you allowing to ruin your day?

Thursday, July 21

Work Day

Finally getting motivated to work on the house...mainly in the area of cleaning. I have been keeping up with basic cleaning, but in the six+ weeks we have been here, I haven't done any serious cleaning. You know, like dusting the wood paneling in our family room ("Seriously I have to dust the walls?!" is what I was thinking while I did it), sweeping under the area rug, cleaning both sides of the windows, dusting under items on shelves instead of just feather dusting around them.

Here let me insert an apology to anyone who has visited or stayed with us prior to now when house was not so clean.

I also have moved a few small pieces of furniture around that I have been thinking about for a while. Things look a little more "homey" now than just dropped in the rooms as well as bit more organized. I am a perpetual "reorganizer" ... I always think there is probably a better way to set something up to make it more efficient or look better. I have changed a couple of things in the time we have been here, but I have spent most of my time contemplating options UNTIL TODAY!

Part of me doesn't want to "waste" too much time on things like this when we are likely only going to be in this house for a year (maybe two), but I feel like I need a project so today I am working instead of reading or playing. There are also a few things I would like to buy to help in this pursuit, but along with not wasting time, I don't want to spend much money on things that may not be useful in a future home.

This week has been kind of a rough one, so I think that is what has motivated me to try to be productive. Why is it rough? you may ask. Well, it has been rough for me because it is Vacation Bible School week back at our church in Oklahoma. That was always such a big part of my summer/year/life, that I am really missing it and my friends, especially my preschooler friends. (sigh)

Anyway, my pity party is over and I am going to get back to work! Maybe some pictures will show up later.

Monday, June 20

Back On-Line!

Now that I am back to my normal stress level and am on-line, I hope to be sharing more again here.

A new chapter in our life has started with this move. It's like other moves in that we are starting all over again -new church, new school, new friends, new opportunities- but it is also our first move that has allowed us to become more connected with our hometown family.

I worked on updating the background and colors of our family blog today, so you might see an update here soon too. The problem still remains with the title of our family blog "Cowboys" doesn't fit us the best anymore. I haven't looked into how it works to change that though or what a better name might be for us now. (hmmmm)

I seem to have made it through all the stress that I mentioned in my previous posts with nothing worse than exhaustion which I seem to be recovering from gradually. I can't tell if my "tiredness" now is from being bored or I am actually tired. Moving into a new house + four kids + a husband who works a lot of hours = bored?! Probably doesn't sound quite right, but without the busy-ness of driving kids to/from school and activities and without my church job and without all the hours I normally put into Vacation Bible School during the summer actually does leave me rather unscheduled. There are plenty of things I could be working on like the last few organizing things in the house, crafting projects, mailing the pile of goodies sitting on the desk waiting to be mailed, and making some phne calls regarding changes of address and bank account info ... but I am enjoying doing nothing other than daily chores, spending time with the kids, and reading.

Monday, May 2

Personality Type

So, in an effort to decompress from my busy, overly emotional day, I decided to take the personality test suggested by my friend; author of the blog (also seen in sidebar) and here are my results...

Ta-dah, your personality type is ISTJ!

Introverted (I) 89% Extraverted (E) 11%
Sensing (S) 59% Intuitive (N) 41%
Thinking (T) 80% Feeling (F) 20%
Judging (J) 86% Perceiving (P) 14%

One of the questions was actually something about sharing about myself with others, and I am pretty sure I said I don't do that very often, so I am obviously breaking from the mold here to share this personal information. =)


I think I may be a little stressed out ...

The reason I think so is because for the second time in less than a week I have wanted to throttle someone for making me angry (neither person was one of my children).

I usually am able to get along* with everyone even if I don't like them, don't agree with them, or if they say something that bothers me. In general, I am difficult to offend because I can usually see things from multiple perspectives and understand what prompted them to say what they did (even if it was tactless, offensive, or inconsiderate).

[*Note: This does not mean that I am all sweet and sugar with everyone because although I do try to be polite and respectful with everyone, if I am anything, I try to be genuine.]

Anyway, after today's experience with one of my unfavorite people, I really wanted to scream, left the area with less grace & lots of frustration, and cried. This is definitely not like me!

Stress, surely that is the cause?! Yes?! (hopefully)

Thursday, February 17

Still Learning Tricks of the Trade

[Could also be title- Can It Really Be This Easy?!]

The newly turned four year olds in our family got these cute stuffed animals that have books that go with them. (Thanks, Great Grandma and Grandpa!) You turn on the animal, read the book, and at certain points the animal speaks up and responds to the story. They are super cute!

Our daughter really enjoys the book and reading aspect. Our son has really become attached to the animal itself. His animal, a raccoon named Watson, helps his friends find things in the story.

Now this particular son is the baby of the family; even though the twins are the youngest together, he was born last. It is amazing how well he can play what I call the "baby card" when he feels moved to do so. One time this often comes up is when he asked to go look for something (his shoes or jacket for example) or when he just can't find something he wants (say, a toy or book). He often becomes "too tired" or just plaing whiney.

(Now to the point of the post...)
For the last few days that we have had Watson, when it is time to find something, I have been sending Watson along with said son and it is amazing how much faster items are found and how much more cooperative (=less whiney) he is.

Moral of the story: If you have a little person in your family who "can't" find things on a regular basis, come up with a helper for him/her to use.

Now we just have to keep an eye on Watson because if we loose him, we'll be in big trouble!

Wednesday, February 9

Came across these cute Valentine's lunch box notes while I was searching for ideas for school Valentine's parties. Thanks, Family Fun magazine, for more great ideas. I love you!

Check In Post

I have been keeping up with my Read the Bible in 90 Days, but obviously at the expense of blogging. I am on Day 29 now. I am enjoying it and have found inspiration for Spirit Week - an event I plan for the kids' school so that has been an extra bonus.

I have also found a few interesting stories that I don't ever remember reading or hearing about before. I just might have to share some of those another day.

I have been spending some time sewing. A friend is having a "trunk sale" for homemade items and home businesses (like Pampered Chef, Scentsy, etc.); I have decided to participate, so I have been working on some blankets and burp cloths to sell. It has been fun. It will be even more fun if some of them sell! I will try to post sometime in case anyone out there would be interested in purchasing - I am happy to make and mail!

We have also some snow here in Oklahoma. The kids had three days out of school last week and are out today. If I had to guess, they will probably be home tomorrow too, but we will see.

Our oldest was sick last week with the flu and a stomach thing all at once. Yuck! The youngest likely has/had the flu too although he didn't go to the doctor. I think both are feeling better now finally.

And last but definitely not least, we celebrated the twins' birthday! They are four now which just really seems hard to believe. Four is the age of our oldest was when we moved here and the twins -well, let's just say we didn't even know they were twins at that point!