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Wednesday, January 12

Reading the Bible in 90 Days

I just started a new study with the Ladies' Group at our church. This semester we are following the program as outlined in The Bible in 90 Days.

I am pretty sure the post was in this blog rather than our family one -I won't make any promises and I don't have time to verify right now- but, a couple of years ago our oldest (then probably 6-7 yrs old) was interested in reading the whole Bible so I printed a read-the-Bible-in-a-year program sheet for him. He got through Judges (I believe) which I think is pretty impressive for his age. I started after him and I think only got 3-4 books in. =(

Anyway, I am up for this 90-day program. Although it requires more reading each day, the longevity of the commitment bodes well for me.

The plan is to read the complete Bible cover to cover. The goal is to READ, not STUDY. I love to read, but I tend to have issues with just reading the Bible. Why?

-> I start to remember other things I have read similar to what I am currently reading and try to find it in other places in the Bible.

-> I feel like what I am reading is conflicting with something else and try to find it.

-> I am reminded of a Bible study I have done before and want to go dig out the study guide so I can see the notes I took during the study and be reminded of all the good things I learned then.

-> When using my own Bible, I get caught up in notes that I have made in the margins which tend to lead to other searches as well connecting ideas, people, places, events.

In order to keep with the program though I am going to have to avoid these traps and JUST KEEP READING. The Bible I am using is set up that I will read 12 pages each day and estimates it will take about 45 minutes to do (sans distractions).

Today is Day 1 and I have only read three pages so far, so I need to sign off and get reading. Farewell!


Julie said...

Paul has been pluggin' away at reading the entire Bible as well. However...not in the 90 Day express. It was supposed to be the Bible in a year track, but he is on August 15th. A bit behind and still loving it!

SAHM said...

That is awesome! Maybe we will get done about the same time. =)